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Consumer Product Design and Development: Specializing in Sports and Recreation, Transportation, and Toys

Computer Aided Design, 3-D modeling, of individual parts ready for specific manufacturing process (molded, cast, forged, machined...).

  Design of complete product: individual parts designed with precision to perform as intended. 
  Ease of manufacture: parts designed to aid efficient assembly, lower production costs.
  Development of valid, clear and concise set of warnings and instructional literature.

  Produce technical drawings for suppliers, patent and other applications.

Analysis, Testing and Evaluation:
  Use of available industry standards (CPSC, ASTM, ISO) or, if absent, develop effective testing standards for the product.
  Product use testing and verification, including Hazard analysis.
  Accident or failure inspection.

Manufacturing/Production Process Design and Development:
  Process planning, costing and layout for production site.
  Development of process to optimize product, demand goals
  Performance analysis of existing process, for time value and cost.

CAD Resources: SolidWorks, NeiWorks/NASTRAN, and AutoCad

 K Ridley Technology can perfom the entire Product development Process, or assist during some portion. For a quick summary of these process steps, select the button below.


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